Bucket Pins Bushing Manufacturing Supplier in Turkey

Contract and On Demand Pins and Bushings Manufacturing as per customer requirements and drawings:

Modulus Metal is a Bucket Pins manufacturer and supplier in Turkey. For many years, we have specialized in components for heavy-duty machinery. The majority of the European, American, Middle Eastern and African markets are covered by our products, which also have a solid pricing advantage. High carbon steel is used to make bucket pins, which are then through-hardened to 55–60 HRC. Bucket pins made of hardened high-carbon steel are ideal for pivot or low-speed/high-load applications. In order to significantly reduce the amount of time your machine is down, these hardened steel bushings are frequently utilized to prevent a housing against early wear brought on by friction with bushings. Bucket pins made of hardened steel require daily or at most weekly lubrication. To fit the most popular brands and models of excavators and loaders on the market today, we provide a comprehensive selection of bucket pins.. Also, our pins and bushings are coated/plated for corrosion resistance according to the customer’s specific requirements.


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