Investment Casting

Modulus Metal has ISO / IATF certified investment casting supplier base and our partner suppliers are experienced in automotive, aerospace, agricultural, biomedical and industrial machinery manufacturing for many years.

Production capabilities : 1g to 50 kg /piece

Quantity: Medium to large volumes of production


The method
Wax patterns are created in INVESTMENT CASTING and then built on a tree with feeding and gating systems. The wax pattern is dipped in refractory slurry, then covered in refractory stucco and left to dry for many hours. This is the initial coat. The method is done several times, usually until 8 coats of refractory are obtained. The ceramic investment shell is shown here. The wax is then melted out and the ceramic shell is baked before the molten metal is cast into it. When intricate, thin portions are involved, air pressure, vacuum, or centrifugal pressure might be used to assure complete filling of the mold. To remove the castings, the mold is broken up. Most metals with melting temperatures less than 2500°K (2227°C) can be processed using this method. Because the wax pattern is melted out, structures with curves, undercuts, bosses, recesses, and so on can be quite complicated. The Lost Wax Process is another name for it.

Process characteristics : Primary shaping process , Discrete

Design guidelines
Complex shapes featuring curves, undercuts, bosses, recesses, and so on. Ideal for compact three-dimensional shapes.

Technical information

Cycle time limited by heat transfer out of casting.. The use of several molds boosted the production rate. The method provides great detail replication.

Typical uses

Small complex automotive and industrial parts, Jewelry, dental implants, statuary, metal sculpting, and decorative objects are common applications.

Other Types of Investment Casting Modulus Metal serves:

  • CLA / CLV
  • Replicast
  • Vacuum Investment Casting