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Sourcing Quality Control Sorting Rework Inspection Cast Iron Steel Containment

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Modulus Metal is a full-service company providing manufacturing, sourcing solutions, consulting, and quality control operations. Our company is a one-stop solution for your manufacturing, global sourcing, consulting, and quality control needs. Modulus Metal manufactures the products in Turkey and exports its products to the USA, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

We serve automotive, aerospace, general machinery, railways, petrochemicals, construction machinery, truck, energy sectors and perform quality control, sorting&rework, 3rd party inspections. Modulus Metal has emerged as a supply, consultancy, and quality control company that meets the requirements of international companies that supply their parts from Turkey.

Sourcing Quality Control Sorting Rework Inspection Cast Iron Steel Containment

Our goal is to assist customers in achieving the most value for their procurement and supply quality requirements through sourcing and consultancy.

The core principle of Modulus is being a bridge between customers and suppliers.


Our mission is to make our customers highly competitive and different in the short, medium, and long term by implementing a Supply Chain that adds value to the business and to all stakeholders. Our solutions are designed to meet the demands of our clients and are developed and implemented in such a way that the actions they take and the outcomes they accomplish can be sustained.


By developing the most valuable, dependable, and long-lasting sourcing and quality services, we will add value to the supply chain of our customers importing goods from Turkey. We will be among the pioneers of the sourcing and quality sector thanks to our effort and innovation.

The Modulus Metal DNA

The Modulus Metal DNA

Core Values

Serving our three main stakeholders: Customers, Partner Suppliers and employees.

Customer Focus

Dedication to customer satisfaction by on-time delivery, quality and support.

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