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For the automobile industry, Modulus Metal offers a variety of investment casting component options. We have been a significant partner to the automotive industry for many years, and we will continue to expand and change to suit the industry’s evolving needs. Our performance-critical components assist automakers in adhering to the most recent criteria for better fuel efficiency and lower emissions. Because the goods we make must function in conditions with high temperatures and pressures, we must provide a safe solution to guarantee that we can give clients a product that is both safe and durable.

Our areas of competence include the design and production of a wide range of steel, brass, and aluminum automotive parts.

Investment Casting Automotive Industry Parts
Rocker Arms
Shift Forks
Start/Stop switch housing
Gearbox components
Vehicle door handles
Mounting Bracket
Wheel carrier
High-Pressure Common Rail
Engine Parts
Drum Gear Shifts Parts
Impeller and compressor wheels
Drive shaft components
Exhaust systems
Clutch components
Lower Support
Lock Parts
Lock Housing
Nozzle Ring
Turbine Scroll
EGR Valves & Components EGR
Sensor Components
EGR Housing
Injection Clamp

Investment Casting Automotive Industry Parts in Turkey

We rely on a special sector of the automotive industry, which includes huge specialty vehicles, forklifts, tractors, agricultural machinery, and construction equipment. For your off-road vehicles and heavy machines, you demand replacement parts to be of the highest caliber and performance. For more than 60 years, Modulus Metal has manufactured cutting-edge metal casting solutions. Our involvement in precise casting for the automotive industry is mostly focused on the aftermarket, or replacement parts not produced by the original manufacturer. Investment casting is a very precise technique with advanced design possibilities that makes it perfect for producing aftermarket parts for heavy equipment, off-road vehicles, and heavy trucks.

Investment Casting Lost Wax Precision Automotive Industry truck-cab-mounting-bracket-supplier foundry in Turkey-Modulus Metal
Truck Cab Mounting Bracket

Precision casting is an effective procedure that creates dependable replacement components for many applications, including construction and agricultural machinery, with lower costs and shorter lead times than fabrication and machining. Several metal casting quality inspections are used by Modulus Metal to ensure that every part and component adheres to our strict tolerances and high standards. Our team will work with you and is made up of knowledgeable, highly qualified engineers, toolmakers, foundry and production professionals. To get started on your automobile investment casting requirements, let us know your specifications, timeframe, preferences, and budget.

Manufacturing rocker arm Investment Casting Foundry Products Supplier Company in Turkey
Rocker Arm

For automotive parts and components to retain their quality over use, abuse, and environmental factors, they must be resilient. Producing intricate automobile products is where metal casting shines. In order to create castings that precisely fit your specific design with tight tolerances, Modulus Metal uses tested casting procedures that have been established over decades of expertise.

Camshaft housing with rocker arm Investment Casting Foundry Products Supplier Company in Turkey
Camshaft housing with rocker arm

Excellent corrosion resistance and strong load-bearing qualities are made possible by the lost wax casting method. Modulus Metal can assist you with your automobile demands if you’re seeking for precise replacement parts with high quality standards. If you’re seeking for aftermarket off-road vehicle and heavy truck parts, get in touch with us. Manufacturers depend on Modulus Metal castings since we use strictly regulated procedures and specifications.

All of our automotive goods and spare parts are produced on demand in Turkey in accordance with client requirements.

For more information on automotive precision casting, call Modulus Metal or request a quote right away.

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