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Agricultural Machinery Tooling Hardware Products Investment Casting Company Foundry in Turkey

Agricultural parts must be strong enough to withstand harsh conditions. Investment casting, a type of lost wax casting, can create durable parts with precise details that can handle heavy loads and resist corrosion. Additionally, this method is efficient and cost-effective for various industries, as it allows for faster production and low tooling costs. At Modulus Metal, we have the expertise to handle all aspects of your project, from raw casting to full manufacturing and assembly.

Agricultural Parts provided by Modulus Metal:

  • Rotating disks
  • Pivotal parts
  • Clutch pins
  • Components and hardware for vehicles
  • Manifold and bracket systems
  • Levers, handles, and latches
  • Components for waste management equipment
  • Pump valves and valve components
  • Devices for measurement and control
Agricultural Machinery and Tooling Hardware Components Products Investment Casting Company Foundry in Turkey