Supplier System and Process Audits | Supplier Qualification and Selection Service | Modulus Metal | in TURKEY

Supplier System and Process Audit Supplier Qualification and Selection Service _Modulus Metal_ in TURKEY

System and Process Audits by Modulus Metal are a documented examination and factual validation of activities, documentation, processes, and other components of a quality management system  carried out by qualified Modulus Metal auditors to determine whether operations and results comply with planned arrangements and are done effectively to meet all objectives.

Our customers may qualify suppliers and efficiently manage requirement flow down with the aid of Modulus Metal’s System and Process Audits, which range from the provision of trained auditors to fully managed worldwide audit programs. The unbiased data and reports provide vital information for assessing risk and promoting ongoing improvement.


Our system & process audit services rely on the following fundamental competencies based on customer requirements:

Supplier System and Process Audits-Supplier Qualification and Selection Service Modulus Metal in TURKEY


Competent to plan, implement, monitor, and follow up on all audit tasks are proven project leaders and field resources.


Standard work packages that have been validated in the industry, comprising forms, checklists, and best practice procedures.

Supplier System and Process Audits -Supplier -Qualification and Selection Service _Modulus Metal in TURKEY
Supplier Selection Qualification Capacity Assessment Process Audit Service Modulus Metal Turkey


Real status and performance analytics of suppliers are provided by detailed supplier reporting formats.

Steps of System & Process Audit

1. Preconditions

Before beginning any audit or audit program, make sure the contractual requirements are outlined explicitly and agreed upon with the supplier.

2. Communications & Management of Program

Tasks and expectations for allocated management that are listed in a quality program plan

3. Structure

Accept and review leading practice instructions, documents, and checklists.

4. Establish A Platform

Accessible to customers, suppliers, and auditors, manage audit schedule and findings

5. Create Requirements for Auditor Qualifications

Experience, training, and a successful track record

6. Auditor Direction and Management

All auditors receive thorough training on distinctive customer requirements.

Supplier-System and Process Audits Supplier Qualification and Selection Service Modulus Metal in TURKEY

7. Audit Planning

Complete collaboration amongst all parties. Make sure the deadlines for the audit are stated explicitly.

Supplier System and Process Audits Supplier Qualification and Selection Service _Modulus Metal_ in TURKEY

8. Audit and Reporting of Non-Conformance

At the ending meeting, a draft report is presented. Release of the final report within defined period agreed with the customer.

9. Management of Corrective Action

properly stated and carried out responsibilities, necessary timeliness, and escalation process

Supplier System and Process Audits -Corrective Actions _Modulus Metal in TURKEY

10. Performance Evaluation

Plan conformance, audit efficiency, trending of non-conformities, and validation and verification of corrective actions

Supplier System and Process Audits -Performance Evaluation _Modulus Metal in TURKEY


*Based on particular customer needs, leading practice audit services are provided.

*Fully managed programs with qualified auditors

*Measures of performance, traceability, and visibility indicators


*Analyze the supplier’s compliance with the quality management systems

*Identify whether a supplier’s unique or customized processes are in compliance.

*Analyze the systems and processes used by the vendor.

*Ensure that effective requirements are passed on

*Identifying potential dangers that can compromise business continuity

*Promoting ongoing development across the supply chain