AISI 201LN Stainless steel (Low nickel work hardenable), austenitic, Annealed | Toughness | Fracture Toughness

AISI 201LN stainless steel Annealed Fracture Toughness, Modulus Metal,Turkey,Turkiye.

Modulus Metal | Manufacturer Company in TURKEY: Sand Casting | Investment Casting | Foundry | CNC Machining | Press Bending | Laser Cutting | Welding | Plastics Injection Molding |Turkiye

Fracture Toughness & ToughnessValues
Fracture toughness*60.8 – 74.3 MPa.m^0.5
Toughness (G)*18.9 – 27.8 kJ/m^2
*Values indicated with asterisks (*) are approximate. No guarantee is provided for the precision of this information.