Investment Casting for Medical Applications in Turkey

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Medical equipment is one of the primary sectors that our investment castings service, along with the mining business, construction machinery industry, and oilfield industry. When intricate metal components are required in medical-related applications, investment castings are utilized. Modulus Metal is able to cast any metal alloys, including stainless steel, aluminum, and others, in precise proportions thanks to our cutting-edge investment casting technology. Medical investment castings are available from us for:

Operation room equipment such as operating tables

MRI equipment, X-ray device

Wheelchairs, stretchers, and related items

Devices that stabilize injuries, implantable parts

Hospital beds, Standing Frames Components

For medical purposes, investment casting provides a variety of materials in different grades of steel and aluminum. These parts can be produced using investment casting technology that use the lost wax technique. Investment castings created for medical applications will attain remarkable consistency with high quality, from mold manufacturing for every geometric detail to an exceptional semi-automotive casting process controlled by computer. Burrs will be eliminated for a smooth surface after casting. For specific requirements, post-treatments including surface coatings, heat treatment, and machining may be applied.

Investment casting, in a nutshell, is a productive process for producing medical metal components. In lengthy manufacturing runs, it can provide consistent components. To maintain inventory between the minimum and maximum levels, this technique may be used to regularly cast these components, guaranteeing that the parts are punctually and regularly supplied to the client.

Why Modulus Metal ?
: Modulus Metal consistently provides high-quality medical investment castings to our clients worldwide with the help of our cutting-edge production method and solid technical staff. Each batch of items will be delivered when we transmit the relevant testing results to our clients for approval.
Service: We constantly put our clients first and think about them from the first estimate to final delivery so that they can sense our sincerity and outstanding service.
Most recent technology: Semi-automatic wax presses, robotic shelling, a distinctive high-speed infrared shell drying tunnel, and 3D modeling capabilities, which can satisfy our customers’ strict needs, are examples of our most recent investment casting technology.

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