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Low Carbon Steel General Info

The most affordable of all structural metals is low-carbon steel, usually referred to as mild steel. It is utilized extensively for a variety of purposes.

Very low cost, superior to higher carbon steels in terms of toughness, machinability, formability, and weldability. Cold-working improves machinability and strength.

Low strength and poor hardenability as compared to higher carbon steels.

The AISI/SAE designations for carbon steels are 10xx, 11xx, 12xx, and 15xx. Low carbon steels have carbon contents as indicated by the last two numbers, which can reach 30. The EN designations 1.03zz and 1.04zz apply to low carbon steels.

Common uses
Numerous applications, including the reinforcement of concrete, building sections, roofing sheets, vehicle body panels, and cans.

Low Carbon steel, AISI 1020 annealed Equivalent Grades
UNS numberG10200
US nameASTM MT1020, ASTM M1020, ASTM 1020, ASME G10200, ASME G10170, ASME 1017, ~SAE 040 X, Y, Z, ~SAE 035S, ~SAE 035C, ~SAE 035B, ~SAE 035A, ~SAE 035 X, Y, Z, ~ASTM A836, ~ASTM 1018 Class A, ~ASME G10210, ~ASME G10180, ~ASME 1021
EN nameS240GP, ~P355NB, ~P310NB, ~HS15
EN number~1.0021
ISO name~E235 Quality A, ~CE20E4, ~CC21A
GB (Chinese) name~ML20Al, ~ML18Mn
JIS (Japanese) nameSWRM 20, SWRCH20A, SG 255, ~SWRCH18A, ~STKM12C, ~STKM12B, ~STKM12A, ~SPHT 2